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mixed media

Image 32.JPG
heimat tower.jpeg

TV Tower I - 2020

TV Tower II - 2020

Image 31.JPG
IMG_5892 3.heic
heimat 1.jpeg
sobre preencher espaços.jpeg

"Wake me up when it's over"- 2021

"It hurts again" - 2021

"Spring"  2021

"About filling empty spaces"  2021

heimat 2.jpeg
one morning in Paris.jpeg
spaced out.jpeg
realidade inventada.jpeg
Image 30.JPG
the man with a dream.jpeg
heimat 5.JPG
snowing inside.jpeg

"Blue" - 2021

"The man with a dream"  2021

"More about emptiness"  2021

"A Sunday morning in Paris"  2021

"Little garden"  2021

"Spaced out" 2021

"Blues"  2021

"Invented reality"  2021

"Snowing"  2021

heimat 4.jpeg
berliners 1.jpeg
Berliners 2.jpeg
fete de la music.jpeg
TUCA PAOLI_Thewerethings Ishouldhavesaid.jpg
Image 2.JPG
Image 3.JPG
IMG_3257 5.heic
Ladrão de sonhos 2.jpeg
Ladrão de sonhos 3.jpeg

"Ways"  2021

"Heimat II"  2021

"Berliners"  2021

"Fête de la music"  2021

"Berliners"  2021

"My angel"  2021

"Berliners"  2021

"The day I stalked you"  2021

"Berliners"  2021

"There are things I should have said"  2021

"Childhood /pandemic years II "  2021

"Childhood /pandemic years I "  2021

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